e-Journal: Vol.11, Issue 5

The Hindu Icon God Shiva as a Visual Communication of Interactions between the Hindus and the Buddhists at the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia
Yusup Sigit Martyastiadi
Potentials of Revitalizing the Industrial Heritage of Kuttichira to Infuse a Sense of History in Calicut, India
Aparna M. P., Babitha Mohammed, Shwetha P. E. & Piyush Hajela
Reinventing the Visuals of Surakarta Style Wayang Purwa: Wayang Creation of Superhero & Anime Characters
Taufiq Akbar, Sunarmi, Sarwanto & Sunardi
Transformations of the Vernacular Houses of Macedonia in the 19th Century
Petar Namicev Ekaterina & Namicheva Todorovska
Language and Cultural Identity: Cross-Cultural Communications Among the Vernacular Communities in the West Kalimantan-Sarawak Border Region in Indonesia
Fatmahwati A., Wahyu Damayanti, Martina, Yusriadi, Rosliani, Edy Agustinus, Syamsurizal & Tri Amanat
Re-inventing Vernacular Arts and Crafts: Creation of a Cauldron Inspired from the Ornament Motifs of Sunan Padangaran Mosque, Indonesia
Joko Lulut Amboro, Anung Bambang Studyanto & Setyawan
Regeneration of Distressed Communities in Settlements Around Brownfields: Insights from Khulna, Bangladesh
Tanha Tabassum Tisha
Urbanization and its Impact on the Cultural Values in the Life Cycle Rituals of the KHo Ethnic Group in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
Thuy Nhu Thi Nguyen
Towards Creating Wholesome Architecture by Re-inventing Vernacular Qualities: Validating a Tool to Measure Genius Loci through Two Sites in Mumbai, India.
Kabir Fatema, Tanaya Verma & Anurag Varma